WellSoul Wellness is a wellness brand that serves to promote your soul-centered healing and wellbeing. Our mission is upheld by affirming Pillars of Wellness. These Pillars keep us inspired, connected to the heart & soul of who we are as a brand, and accountable in presenting our communities with nourishing content, services and products. Check 'em out below! 

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Reclamation, cultivation & activation of our robust spiritual identity, practices and connections.


Social Wellness

Creating and advocating for spaces and experiences that strengthen community-building rich in compassion, inclusivity, justice & liberation.

Creative wellness

Creative Wellness

Nourishment of our intuitive creative power that empowers us to create a meaningful life and share our unique gifts with the world.

Relationship wellness

Relationship Wellness

Fostering relationships with ourselves and others built on trust, mutual respect, shared power, love and passion.

Mind Body Wellness

Mind-Body Wellness

Shame-free, holistic tending to mind & body vitality, self-celebration and mindful living.


About our Founder

Robyn Mourning

Soul Artist, Intuitive Visionary and Healership Cultivation Coach for those journeying toward their soulful wellness after experiencing trauma, marginalization and self-abandonment. Through WellSoul Wellness, Robyn brings people back to themselves through transformative experiences of adventuring in the intimate spaces within themselves, their relationships and their world. Harnessing the power of the collective wisdom and power that rises when we gather in service of love, Robyn removes the barriers of isolation and brings healing and wellbeing into the embrace of community. Knowing that growth and the cultivation of a life lived and loved well occurs outside of comfort, Robyn invites others into experiences and conversations that challenge the status quo and fear-based living.

Robyn is also an advocate, rebel and disruptor. She works to expose the systemic oppression of People of Color (POC) and LGBTQ community within the mental health and wellness industries. Robyn’s personal and professional endeavors actively dismantling of white supremacy, elitism and colonization that block access to quality wellness services for marginalized people.

As a healer, Robyn utilizes her spiritual and intuitive abilities to align with and elevate the healer within the people she works with.

If we truly want to commit to our wellness on a soul-level, we’re going to have to be willing to risk it all - we have to be willing to risk letting go of shame as a safety net, crumple up the story of who we should be, toss out harmful behaviors, and grab hold of our truth (and then LIVE IT). We’re going to have to do this whole life thing much differently. That’s a helluva big risk! The reassurance is that this is a risk we don’t have to take haphazardly, blindly or even alone. Everything we do at WellSoul is specifically designed to support you through it and connect you with other brave risk takers! 

My question to you is: what are you willing to risk to prioritize your wellness? Will you journey into the wilderness to find yourself so that you can finally BE and LIVE fully YOU?
— Robyn Mourning

Robyn earned her Master’s in Marriage, Family & Child Therapy and ran a successful trauma-focused psychotherapy practice. Robyn has advanced training in and experience working with trauma recovery. In past endeavors, she has worked alongside & in support of C-Suite executives at various tech startups, operated a four-season mountain adventure group, managed human resources processes. Robyn has a rich, intuitive creative writing (mainly poetry & prose) and focused journaling practice to invoke self-healing, liberation, growth and self-tending. Robyn has honed her write-to-heal rituals and skills for 25 years. Most importantly, Robyn shows up everyday to her own healing and wellness practice so she can continue to unfold into the person, mama, daughter, friend and healer she is.

Robyn M
Robyn Mourning, Founder

Come home to yourself. Build a fire in her heart. Wrap yourself snug in her walls. Come home to yourself. Open her windows and breathe in her spirit. Dance to the beat of her creaking floors. Come home to yourself. Fill her up from the roots of her cellar to the wings of her attic with memories of life. Adorn her, admire her, affirm her. Come home to yourself. Never leave.

~Robyn Mourning

Robyn Mourning