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Your wellness ally

Al-ly (n): a healing mentor united with you in your quest for wholeness; who battles alongside you; who shines the flashlight in the dark; who reminds you of the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of; who holds you accountable to yourself and your intuitive goals; who challenges you to defy your status-quo, who has your back and your sides; who holds space for your soul to RISE. 


Have you ever felt…

…like there was a deeper spiritual aspect of your trauma that keeps you tethered to the pain of the past rather than anchored to your true self, which hinders your post-traumatic growth?

…a desire to no longer live the narrative that the best way to protect yourself from the vulnerable, uncertain and risky moments in life and relationship is to abandon, betray and sacrifice yourself, your needs, your values?

…(as a person of color) a tug to reclaim and cultivate the parts of your cultural identity, your ancestral connections, and your indigenous rituals that you had to be separated from due to racial and cultural trauma/oppression you’ve endured?

…as though your work as a healer, activist and/or social change-maker is calling you deeper into your own spiritual growth and rejuvenation so you can take your work to the next level without burning out or compromising your integrity?

…the stirring of your intuitive creativity deep within but are unsure how to unleash it?

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Overview of Coaching & Mentorship Style

Promises, Promises…

Most wellness coaches make glamorous promises about how they can change your life in fives sessions if you follow their 3-part program. Your work is a sacred unfolding that occurs over time with mindful intention and inspired action. It takes grace, commitment, grit, along with play, joy and gratitude (oh and LOVE!).

So, I may not promise what other coaches do but, I promise you three things:

  1. To never make promises I can’t keep. I can’t change your life. I can’t magically heal your wounds or remove the barriers that hold you back. Only you can do those things - and it might not be pretty, clean or swift. I am comfortable being in the messy middle with you as you grow and shine.

  2. To not take away your personal power. You are your own healer. You are your own source of wisdom. You are the connection between you and your Divine. You are the author of your life. I deeply honor your self-authority.

  3. To hold myself accountable to working on my biases so that me and my privileges are not a barrier to your or your life.

If all that is true, why would you want to work with me - or anyone for that matter? Because you aren’t meant to go to alone. Your need or desire to have a healer join you in your wellness journey is a testament of your integrity and resilience. 

When your inner healer connects with my inner healer that is when you truly experience the transformative benefits of working together. It is isn’t that my abilities are better or stronger. The power is in the alignment and magnification of us joining together in service of your wellness - and in you saying “YES” to yourself in this process.  

If you invite me to align with you as an ally I will respect and elevate your soulful personhood.

Personalized Approach

While wholeheartedly honoring you and your intentions and dreams for wellness success, I will guide you through:

  • Taking inventory of your greatest assets: your strengths, joys, passions and gifts that you can leverage across all of your wellness domains

  • Identifying the barriers, beliefs and patterns that keep you from fully stepping into your soulful expression with yourself, your relationships and your community contributions

  • Compassionate challenges that move you out of your status quo and into your flow of embodied rising, truth-telling, living and loving. 

I don’t have a prescribed one-size-fits-all coaching and mentoring program, nor do I use the same cookie cutter strategies for everyone. Because I work with people with varying cultural, gender, spiritual and relational identities and experiences I meet each client where they are at when creating a personalized wellness roadmap. 

I believe the wisdom is already inside you and so I work collaboratively with the wealth of wisdom, creativity and healing energy you bring to the table. 

As we work together, I will bring to the table my education and experience as a mental health professional, trauma recovery specialist, social justice advocate, as well as my spiritual giftings, soul artistry, and personal experiences and rituals to best support you in your wellness journey.

WellSoul Coaching

My mission is to bring the gift of soul-centered wellness coaching & mentorship to people who may have never considered it before, such as people of color, due to the elitist, white-centering of coaching in the wellness industry.  

My goal is that you will experience our work together as experientially accessible, respectful, equitable and super transformative in all the ways you desire!

My hope is that I will have the privilege of watching you cultivate your own WellSoul life that is lived and loved well!


Who I work with

Anyone desiring to birth authentic, soul-centered, (w)holistic wellness in their lives, relationships and community; specifically:

  • People braving their own trauma recovery journey seeking a deeper, spiritual healing aspect.

  • Those experiencing the evolutionary force of grief & loss needing a gentle hand to hold.

  • People of Color, Biracial & Multicultural people yearning to experience the fullness of their cultural identity and expression.

  • Those feeling a pull to draw closer to their intuitive creativity but feel too stuck, fearful or unworthy to do so.

  • Healers, Advocates & Social Change-Makers ready for personal and professional rejuvenation, upleaveling and a greater intuitive impact. (Coming Spring 2019: Healership Cultivation Consulting for Healers, Activists and Change-Makers - individual and group programs. Join our mailing list to stay informed).

If you see yourself in this list, I invite you to explore the options below describing how we can join together.


Options for working together

WellSoul Wellness Mentor Packages

Mentor Packages

Check out the selection of session packages. There are several options to explore that will surely fit your needs!

WellSoul Wellness Deck and Coaching Bundles

Deck + Coaching Bundles

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