Healing Patterns of Self-Abandonment

Introductory Webinar for Self-Healers and professional Healers

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Roots + Shadows

Virtual healing + training gathering inviting us to turn toward the roots and shadows of self-abandonment.

The purpose of this in-depth webinar is to invite self-healers and professional healers to consider the role of self-abandonment in the trauma cycle as a primary survival mechanism and wound that requires (w)holistic tending as healing and liberation progresses. Healing in the presence of trauma asks that we move with and beyond the Western mind-body approach to “treating” trauma and oppression. This webinar guides folx through, both, modern scientific and ancient spiritual modes of understanding, approaching and working with trauma. 

This webinar is open to all. The information shared is accessible to lay people and professionals. All types of professional healers are welcome to participate - psychotherapists, social workers, social activists, body & energy healers, spiritual guides & healers, wellness coaches, etc. There is room for all of us. 

Union of Modern + Ancient

Webinar Objectives

  • Obtain a basic working knowledge of the roots & shadows of self-abandonment from the combined perspectives of modern clinical understanding and timeless spiritual wisdom.

  • Gain insight into the three main Antidotes for Self-Abandonment: self-holding, self-devotion and self-inclusivity 

  • Begin to illuminate rituals of self-healing and co-healing utilizing the potent elixir of the antidotes of self-abandonment

Intended Outcomes

  • Propel your personal trauma healing and wellness journey by tending to the roots and shadows that keep you tethered to patterns, energies and relationships that serve your trauma narrative rather than your soul’s truth, purpose and birthright.

  •  As a professional healer, this webinar will provide you with an intuitive perspective into dynamics of self-abandonment that impact the co-healing relationship you have with your clients, their healing and your healership.

The Flow

We will dip our toes into pool of self-abandonment to understand what it is, how it manifests in the presence of trauma and oppression, and its function, purpose and impact. We will then move into discussing the ways in which we can begin to heal the patterns of self-abandonment. Healing these patters through rituals allows us to remove the frayed threads of our self-tapestry we have woven in response to the hard sh*t we’ve experienced so that we can create a tapestry that reflects and embodies our soul’s truth, our purpose and sacred birthright of wholeness and liberation. We will briefly introduce the three main Antidotes for Self-Abandonment, which act as the new threads in our tapestry. This flow will serve to help you to more ease-fully recognize, acknowledge, honor and tend. You can read more about each section of the webinar below.

Section 1

Defining & Exploring Self-Abandonment. In this section we will cover the high level definitions, causes (often rooted in the presence of traumatic, toxic and oppressive relationships and environments) and shadow aspects of self-abandonment from psychological, spiritual, relational and somatic perspectives. We will explore the various obvious and subtle manifestations and nuances woven into the patterns of self-abandonment. Participants will gain a multi-layered understanding of what is self-abandonment and its many manifestations.

Section 2

Function & Maintenance of Self-Abandonment. In this section we will duck under the surface to better understand how the presence of self-abandonment functions in our daily lives, the purpose self-abandonment serves and its psycho/social/spiritual impacts. Here, participants will explore the reasons for maintaining self-abandonment and how doing so, consciously or unconsciously, plays out in our healership and co-healing relationships. 

Section 3

Healing Patterns of Self-Abandonment. This section is devoted to discussion about the healing process. Myths, misconceptions and dangers of pathologizing will be addressed. Participants will gain understanding of how to work with patterned self-abandonment responses through engaging with patterned healing rituals and practices. This rich section will create space for the union of clinical and spiritual, the earth and the cosmos, the relational work and the deep solitary endeavors that constitute a (w)holistic healing process.

Section 4

Antidotes for Self-Abandonment. The three main Antidotes for Self-Abandonment will be introduced. We’ll briefly discuss what each one means and their roles in the healing process. Example rituals for each antidote will be demonstrated. We will discuss how to integrate these into your professional healership practice, as well as your personal self-healing practices. Participants will also learn how the Antidotes can serve as small + potent acts of decolonization, liberation from oppression and racial trauma resilience. 

Section 5

Q & A and Wrap-Up This section will be devoted to getting your questions answered. You are invited to ask questions throughout the webinar, but we will carve out targeted time to get to any questions or comments that were missed or that are more general in nature. We will also use this time to wrap-up the webinar and discuss next steps!

The Antidotes








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Enrollment and Pricing


The enrollment period for this webinar is April 1, 2019 @ 10am MT - April 17, 2019 @ 10:00pm MT.

The webinar will take place on the Zoom platform. After registration you will receive a confirmation email detailing webinar logistics and links. The webinar replay will be available for confirmed participants for 1-week after the live session. After that time, the webinar recording will be available as part of the first three modules of Rituals & Invocation Membership.

The first three Rituals & Invocation Modules will go in deep with the Antidotes for Self-Abandonment. Rituals & Invocations will launch in late spring/early summer 2019. You may join the waitlist here to access specials and exciting information!

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Pricing for the course is a simple $28-$49 pay what feels right model. You simply select the price that resonates with you!

There are three (3) free spots available for you if you’re super excited and eager to join in but are experiencing some financial hardships. Please contact Robyn directly at robyn (at) wellsoulwellness (dot) com to apply.

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