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A Sacred Invitation to Journey Deep Within to {re}Claim Our Whole Selves 

In the Tarot, The Moon takes us into the sacred depths of ourselves. The Moon Medicine Oracle joins as a guide, beacon and facilitator of this process. The Moon Medicine Oracle invites us to explore the shadows of our soul, our experiences, our wounds, traumas and oppressed parts of our being. The Moon Medicine Oracle teaches us how to be a safe space for ourselves to be, unfold and rise.

The Moon Medicine Oracle offers to hold space as we delve deep within our darkness to: 

  • retrieve from them the salve in our wounds

  • reveal the truths buried under layers of enduring and surviving

  • re-member the parts of ourselves lost to the darkness 

  • reclaim our self-soul-wholeness (healing) and stand tall in our liberation


A sacred offering to kinship & community

The Moon Medicine Oracle also asks us to share the wisdom and salve we receive and cultivate during our journey inward with our kin and communities that surround us. The Moon Medicine Oracle urges to remind us that our reclamation is not only for ourselves, but also for the restoration, nurturance and elevation of our communities - especially for those within them who have been discarded, oppressed and disenfranchised.  Just as we heal and liberate ourselves, we are called to co-heal and co-liberate our communities in order to cultivate authentic, soul-rooted kinship.

Your journey with the Moon Medicine Oracle begins at the New Moon and walks you deeper within through subsequent moon phases, including the solar and lunar eclipses.

Each card delivers medicine essential to your and your community’s reclamation and liberation. 


Each Deck Includes:

* 10 hand painted oracle cards representing the eight major moon phases + lunar/solar eclipse cards.

* Professional soul-artist designs utilizing acrylic paint and gold leaf foil done in minimalist expressionism that captures the energy of each moon phase represented.

* 300gsm Premium 2.5” x 3.5”, smooth finish card stock

* Soul-rich guidebook including Intuitive Infusions, Integration Rituals and Affirming Crystal Companions for each card, written by Robyn Mourning, included in the package.

**The Moon Card in this image is from The Fountain Tarot Deck, Copyright: The Fountain Tarot

Pre-Production Sale

The quickest way for us to deliver this powerful Deck to you is to invite you to help us fund its initial production. By pre-ordering your Moon Medicine Oracle Deck you will support its full emergence into the world!

You’ll also receive a special “thank you” gift for aligning with us during the pre-production phase! Because we love crystals so much, the gift will likely be a healing crystal - but you’ll just have to wait and see what goodies come with your Deck!

Our goal for shipping your Moon Medicine Oracle is early July - or sooner!

If you are ready to receive the wisdom and medicine of the Moon Medicine Oracle click below to reserve your Deck today!

Deck Price: $37 + $7 shipping & handling USD (shipping to the US only)