Write-to-Heal Sessions

Digital self-healing course guiding you in
ritual + connection with your soul's intuitive voice


Ritual + Writing + Reclamation

Write-to-Heal Sessions is a 4-module journey into relationship with soulful and intuitive ritual, holding, witnessing, tending and healing.

The purpose of Write-to-Heal Sessions is to provide a path for you toward self-healing. You may have engaged in a journaling or writing practice in the past - and you may have felt that it was an ‘okay’ way to dump all the stuff out at the end of the day, but it didn’t help heal. In some cases writing may have been an overwhelming or re-traumatizing experience. Write-to-Heal Sessions is a new way. A way for you to engage with yourself through writing and ritual that serves your reclamation: reclamation of self, wholeness, vitality, love and the purpose you have in this life. 

A place where you belong

  • Write-to-Heal Sessions is where you can return to yourself, cozy up and explore where you belong within yourself, your painful experiences and your liberation. You also belong in this course. This course is designed for varying levels of experience with journaling or creative writing. You do not have to be a ‘good’ writer to show up here. You can be an award-winning author and find your spot here. This course is not about learning and perfecting writing style and technique. It’s about finally exhaling all that your soul has been holding chocking back.

  • Write-to-Heal Sessions is tailored more toward folx who have not had much exposure to a soul-lead, writing healing practice. So, if that’s you then welcome! If you have done a lot of writing for self-care or healing then you are just as welcome because there is bound to be something new (or familiar) for you to deepen into. Join us!

  • Write-to-Heal Sessions guides folx through rituals and practice for healing in trauma and oppression. The intention of this course is that you will have some of your wounds tended to. This may mean that you could experience a wide array of emotional, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual responses. Please take surround yourself with the appropriate support of therapists, healers, coaches and affirming loved ones as needed. This course is not intended to replace professional mental, physical or spiritual health care. You may find that you would benefit from weaving the rituals and prompts in this course into your sessions/work with the healers and helpers on your team.

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The Salve

Cultivating a healing relationship with ourselves, our experiences and our community is a personal journey that cannot be predicted, neatly organized or confined to a timeline. Rather than promising a specific set of "benefits" of participating in the course I am offering you an invitation to commune with your inner healer to create your own self-healing. This course aligns with and provides a path toward this sacred endeavor. The most authentic benefit we could hope for, right!?

Course modules are grounded in one or more of our Antidotes to Self-Abandonment ™: self-holding, self-inclusivity and self-devotion.

Each module contains conceptual teachings, rituals and writing exercises.

The modules are organized in a progressive healing flow of hold, witness, and tend. This flow will guide you in how to take bite-sized pieces of your pain and trauma and move them through to tending to them and not just leaving them bleeding on the page or in your soul. You will notice that you will have opportunity to modify the rituals and exercises to meet you needs. You can also use this course as a springboard to an even richer practice you use going forward. That is the hope!

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Module 1

Introduction and Creating Space. In this module you will be walked through some introductions. Following introductions, this module guides you in some rituals in creating and nesting into a physical space that you will return to for each of your writing sessions. All three Antidotes to Self-Abandonment ™ flavor this module.

Module 2

Holding Sacred Space. This module is heavily rooted in self-holding practices. Here, you will invite your soul’s intuitive voice to rise up. You will practice simply holding space for your highest self and allowing it speak through your writing. This module reminds you that one of the most potent acts of self-healing is holding space for ourselves.

Module 3

Bearing Witness. This powerful module introduces you to rituals and writing prompts for witnessing one small aspect of you pain/trauma/oppression that is calling for your attention. You will practice self-inclusivity as you continue to hold space for the parts of yourself you would normally shy away from because of the pain they hold. This is yet another crucial and tender part of the healing process. When your pain is witnessed, acknowledged and validated in an affirming way you will begin to see how to begin recovering and restoring.

Module 4

Self-Tending and Closing. This gentle module will illuminate for you some rituals and writing practices for taking compassionate care of your wound, yourself and your process so that healing is invoked. This module will also close the course with a gratitude and self-devotion ceremony. You will receive ideas for next steps in your writing-to-heal practice.


Healing Crystals. This brief guide will highlight a sampling of crystals that will support, activate and deepen your Write-to-Heal experience!

Let’s Gather

Let’s hang out virtually and share our experiences, ask questions and hold space for one another! Included in the course registration is a 60-minute virtual gathering over Zoom to be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 11am MT/1pm ET. All registered participants will be sent the Zoom link along with the course materials! Eeeep! This is my most favorite part - hanging out with all of you!

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Enrollment and Pricing


The enrollment period for this round of Write-to-Heal Sessions is February 7, 2019 @ 10am MT - February 13, 2019 @ 11:59pm MT.

You will receive your course materials via email on February 14, 2019 at 10am MT. Once you receive and download your materials you will have them forever! No need to log back in or rush though!

Signing up for this course will provide you with a single user license for the material. Meaning, please don’t distribute copies to your friends. If you know of someone who would greatly benefit form the course, send them here so they can enroll in future rounds!


Pricing for the course is a simple $7-$14 pay what feels right model. You simply select the price that resonates with you!

There are three (3) free spots available for you if you super excited and eager to join in but are experiencing some financial hardships. Please contact Robyn directly at robyn (at) wellsoulwellness (dot) com to apply.

So, what do ya think!?

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