Why we are here

WellSoul Mission

WellSoul Wellness is a community, wisdom source, and collection of services and events promoting soul-centered wellbeing for self-healers and professional healers of color. Blazing new industry paths as a premier trauma-grounded wellness and consulting brand, we affirm the reclamation (healing), cultivation and empowered liberation of people of color who have answered the sacred call of healership.

Our presence creatively stitches together the Health & Wellness industry, the Mental Health field and Social Justice Activism. We harness the wisdom and potency of ancient rituals & spiritual practices along with modern knowledge & approaches to support Black, Indigenous people of color (BIPOC) in the emergence, deepening and elevation of their healership.


We are creating a
community of BIPOC
therapists, healers and
activists committed to
releasing the restrictive,
oppressive and colonized beliefs,
narratives and approaches
to healing and healership.

Welcome to our community! I am Robyn, the founder of WellSoul Wellness and I am honored to have you in our online and in-person community. Click the button to learn more about WellSoul, our Wellness Pillars and a smidge about me and why I created WellSoul!

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WellSoul Services

Let’s Work

Our soulful Gatherings are thoughtfully curated, intimate community events for people desiring deeper connection. Gatherings such as womyn's circles, social impact conversations, spiritual & creative enrichments, storytelling & vision-sparking intensives aim to restore, inspire and empower. 

WellSoul Experiences are the catalysts of transformation and embodied living led by soul. Our depthful Experiences include dynamic and transformative workshops, healing and spiritually rejuvenating retreats, creativity deep-dives, transformational adventures, and changemakers retreats (for founders, innovators & thought leaders). These are retreats with purpose - and that purpose is to affirm, empower and elevate you and your place in this world. 

Poetic Healing Gathering

Creating Trauma-Sensitive Church Communities: Training for Christian Leaders Dedicated to healing & Prevention

Grief Evolution

Grief Evolution Retreat

Reclamation Cultivation Retreat: WoC

Reclamation-Cultivation Retreat: For Women of Color

Unbound Adventure Experience

Unbound Adventure Experience


WellSoul Products

Soul-Care Card Decks

You are luminous, wholehearted and passionate about your life. Even though you value your vibrance and wellness, sometimes your full life doesn't leave much space for a meaningful self-healing routine.  Imagine how much more presence and fulfillment you will experience when you discover how to make self-healing rituals a core aspect of your daily living! 

Our, artist made, Soul-Care Card Decks are infused with your soul's wisdom. Each card symbolizes and anchors an aspect of self-healing you desire to invoke. Using the card deck increases your connection to yourself and your soul-deep needs. The more connected and committed you are to yourself, the more success you will experience with your self-healing practices. Are you ready to co-create your personalized Soul-Care Card Deck? YES! We knew you were! Click the button to elevate your healing!   

WHolistic Self-Healing that reflects your Divinity, Intuition & inner Beauty


Tending (earth)


Healing (water)


Reclaiming (fire)


Cultivating (air)


WellSoul CoHeal

Courses & Membership

Our WellSoul CoHeal platforms offer nourishing sustenance for your soul-centered wellness and healing needs. By offering digital courses, webinars, modules and memberships that are affirming and soul-led courses, we are able to CoHeal across borders and communities!

The content we share is intentional, powerful, dynamic and most importantly, inclusive of the diverse people with whom we share this planet.


Browse our Upcoming & Current CoHeal Opportunities

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WellSoul Scholarships

heART for Good

heART For Good

Making our gatherings and experiences financially accessible is an essential business value of ours. Everyone is worthy of a life-changing, soul-nourishing, community-building experience. You can help us reach as many people possible with our premier services. By purchasing original works of art through our heART for Good Program, you will be extending love and generosity to someone who needs a helping hand to make their WellSoul experience possible. Haven’t we all needed some help before? Join us in paying it forward. Click the button to learn more about the Program and to access the Gallery.